Ostéopathie en entreprise

The osteopathy in a company reduces the absenteeism of more than 20 % according to the magazine of the osteopathy.

Why to call on to an osteopath on our workplace ?


We were often able to notice that the machines of production lines andor offices were modern. It turns out however that people who work on it do not know how to make best use of their material to reconcile productivity and respect for their vertebral column.

By occurring in your premises, the osteopath has the possibility, if you wish, to dispense simple advice so as to improve the use of the material as for example have a plunging and central look for those who work in front of the computer.

It is the Disorders musculo-squelettiques which are silent for a very long time that they are at the origin of always more sick leaves(work stoppages). The pains do not appear spontaneously without explanation.

When they are felt(smelt), light at the beginning, it has been in fact one moment since DYSFUNCTIONS on the body began. It is all the Subtlety of the osteopathy, to reveal the Origin of the troubles of the body before they made too much "damages" and before they become unbearable and invalidating.

It is the daily work of a city osteopath whose 80 % of the motives for consultation the TMS establishes. The difference it is that he comes to practice in your premises.
It returns the even more effective osteopathy. Indeed, the classic trap of the TMS comes because the patients say themselves that these small pains "are going to pass" and do not take time to consult. You give them the opportunity to act before the small pains do not become invalidating and before making you a work stoppage.

The osteopathy decreases the rate of 20 % absenteeism according to the review of osteopathy. We shall collaborate with pleasure with your company doctor to improve still these figures.

The studies which we can find on the efficiency of the osteopathy report only figures concerning the sick leaves(work stoppages), only given quantifiable objectively.
But it adorned obvious that in equal skills, a worker in good physical shape is a more productive worker

In the main claiming of the French employees we often find, before the wage demands, the demand of the recognition
The ways to reach it are many and varied, but still too little touch on this matter importing that is the health.

The stress has for origin the dawn of the humanity. He was then essential, necessary for the survival, by allowing for example the reflex of flight.

This stress is inevitable and has nothing to do to have the anxiety or the evil to be. The effects of the stress on the body are as insidious as on the spirit and use in a premature way the body.
Thus it is not surprising whether it is a particularly generative factor of TMS. It is on this physical component, and on the premature wear of the body, that acts the osteopathy.