Osteopathy and sport

The sportsman, more than others, requests physically his body outside the usual limits. Tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, combat sports, golf, running, athletics, swimming, dance, …

Whatever is the sport and the level of practice, all the sportsmen have common objectives:

  • Protect their "machine" to avoid incidents and muscular and articular injuries
  • Optimize, as possible, their physical performances
  • Shorten the time of recovery after the effort …

To reach these goals, it is necessary to the sportsman to be regularly followed by an osteopath. This is true all the more for the sport where the level of practice is intense. In this case, the slightest grain of sand in the cogs of its mechanics can be fatal him...

During the sports practice, the sportsman can sometimes present a stiffening of the joints(articulations), the muscular tensions, certain more or less invalidating pains which can decrease clearly her performances. The osteopathy can improve then often the sports performances.

Balance sheet of front season

«Begin the season in the best conditions»
As soon as possible before the beginning of season, the osteopath will restore the necessary balance according to your sports practice.

Follow during the season

«Prevention is better than cure»
A well led interrogation associated with various tests allows to reveal the slightest imbalance and to react as a consequence, so protecting a maximum balance during all the season allowing the body to avoid a lot of wounds.

In case of injury
«The care the most adapted to resume as soon as possible and in the best conditions» It is necessary of ré to harmonize as soon as possible after a wound (tendinitis, sprain, strain, tear) to shorten the period of convalescence and avoid repercussions in the other structures of the body.

«I went all out in the competition and I have to become again successful as quickly as possible» The osteopath will be interested in tissues and in viscera put in contribution in the recoveryand assuring the drainage of waste accumulated in the body.

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