Osteopathy and seniors

The osteopathy takes care of the patients since the birth up to the most advanced age, because in reality there is no age limit to consult an osteopath.

The osteopathy offers very good results for:

  • The pains and the articular blockings,
  • The degenerative osteoarthritis and the pains in the walking,
  • The cervical, dorsal pains and the lumbar vertebrae,
  • The preparation and the recovery in the consequences(suites) of surgical operation,
  • Neuralgias, sciatic, cruralgies, pains of the carpal canal …
  • The tendinits,
  • The mechanical symptoms of the consequences of falls and traumas,
  • The prevention of numerous disorders connected to the ageing.
Indeed, the osteopathy aims at preventing the appearance of the physical disorders (posturaux, physiological, organic) by its action on:

  • The mobility: articular, visceral, cranial, within tissues and joints,
  • The relaxation of the tensions: muscular, ligamentary, organic, which are so many of dams in the free circulation of the physical fluids (blood, lymph) and are the cause of pains, inflammations and degenerative symptoms,
  • The posture: by the fight against the imbalance of belts (shoulders, pond), the deformations and the vertebral collapse as well as the muscular atrophy
  • The organic smooth running (mobility, motilité and organic innervation), action on the disorders of the intestinal transit, the urinary incontinence, the disorders of the liver and the gall-bladder …
resume In summary: by his global coverage, the osteopath is going to be able to fight effectively against the physical ageing, by improving the general mobility of the joints and the fabrics, by releasing the abnormal, useless and painful tensions, as well as by fighting against the well known stiffening of the vertebral column and the associated symptoms (lumbagoes, degenerative osteoarthritis, sciatica, cruralgie, neuralgia of Arnold …).

NB: The osteopath optimizes the resources of the body, strengthens the potential of autocorrection and automobile cure of the body.

NB: In the specific executive of the coverage of seniors, the osteopath recommends a regular maintenance, based on two in four annual sessions.