Massage at home

« You will find a short list of massage and their benefactions, what will allow you to direct your demand according to your needs »


Ideal to begin a busy day or the day after an intense activity. Upon awakening this massage will bring you an energy and the good to be considerable felt immediately at the end of a few minutes.
Your massage therapist will apply to wake every in-depth muscular group by means of a body movements coupling velocity and depth.

• Decrease of the muscular tensions
• Sensation of lightness
• Increase of the self-confidence
• Relieve the heavy legs by oxygenating the blood and by accelerating the blood circulation and lymphatic
• Decrease the fatigabilité
• Relieve the chronic pains by draining waste accumulated in the body (lactic acids …)

100€/ 1hour

This massage has for main purpose to allow the body a release grip(taking), an abandonment was absolved awakening the body and the spirit. Thanks to a knowledge gone deeper into in anatomy your massage therapist which is endowed with expert hands will put you in confidence thanks to its body movements of long fluid and harmonious movements.
This practice is intuitive and bases itself on the psychocorporel current state of the patient (the muscular tensions accumulated by the stress of the everyday life vary from an individual to an other one).
• Awakening and balance of the spirit and the body thanks to release-grip felt.
• Strengthen the vitality
• Restore the morale
• Decrease of the nervousness
• Optimization intellectual abilities by reduction of the stress
• Relieve the body in general thanks to the reduction of the stress.
• Fight against the insomnia
• Relieve respiratory diseases chronic as asthma
• Regulate the blood pressure
100€/ 1hour30

MASSAGE PREGNANT WOMAN:                           « From the 3rd month! »
During the gestation, the expectant mother knows changes posturaux, hormonal and emotional important. She must know how to arrest them at best to appreciate her pregnancy with serenity.
Your massage therapist which is also exclusive osteopath will mass you with a natural biological odourless appropriate oil of sweet almond, of calendula or an argan oil.
The massed parts are: the head, the nape of the neck, the trapezes, the shoulders, the hands, the back, the legs, the feet and the stomach.
• Become aware of his new body
• Psychological and emotional physical relaxation
• Fight against the insomnias
• Decrease
• Give some energy to muscles and to joints to support better kilos in more
• Tends to eliminate the muscle and articular pains
• Improve the postural balance
• Fight against oedemas
• Relieve the sciatica and the dullness of legs
• Prepare and optimize the conditions for a more serene childbirth
• Tends to eliminate the nausea and the migraines
50€/ 30’ 80€/hour


« Here is the type of massage that you do not probably know. My osteopath's job coupled with my passion of the massage tempted me to create this concept which constitutes a real source of well-being "
Your osteopath will mass you from head to foot by freeing the tensions which he will have observed and felt. By means of precise mobilizations and mastered manipulations you will feel the effects immediately after the session and for a few days still.
This massage is atypical and complete.

• Elimination of almost all of the points of tension and the stress
• Prevents the blockings of back
• Improve the quality of the skin
• Sensation of lightness
• Muscular softening by stretching --->ache elimination
• Normalization digestive system (fights against ballonnement, diarrhea, constipation)
• Cranial relaxation
• Relieve the pains of back, cervical and lombo-crowned
• Increase of amplitude of every movement of the body
• Fight the insomnia because very big released taken
• Total relaxation of the body and the spirit

130€/ 2Hour

« Here is my list of four types of services to be well and therapeutics detailed with the necessary information which will help you to choose the session which will suit you.
You can add precision because your masseur osteopath is for your listening, it is your session do not hesitate! »

* Traveling costs 30€