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Your exclusive osteopath BACHTA Sabré receives his patients in his office of osteopathy located in Paris 10. Obtention of National degree of osteopathy from the Osteopathic School of Paris (EO), one of the largest schools which trains osteopath For more than 40 years now. He is also a member of the Register of the Osteopaths of France(ROF). YourosteopathObtained osteopath's diploma of the Sport and the Urgency in 2014 awarded by the Faculty of Science of the Sport of Montpellier UFR - STAPS. Wich gives it a significant advantage in the treatment of sportsmen of all ages in case of emergencies. His learning required 6 years of training so that yourosteopath can master the structural, visceral, cranial and fascial techniques which are essential to the practice of its job. The COS bring the necessary work experience to herosteopaths, was equipped with a real osteopathic clinic located in IDF. It is compulsory from the 3rd year for all the pupils. It confers to her osteopaths a work experience specialized in the coverage of the sportsmen and the infants, by means of internships in the breasts of sports clubs and diverse companies. Yourosteopath followed 5 300 hours of training among which 20 % are dedicated to the clinical practice, the COS respect the recommendations given by the Mondial Organization of Health for osteopath's training (4 400 hours among which 20 % are dedicated to the clinical practice). Yourosteopath , chose to practice the osteopathy exclusively what confers a security for the patientèle and a professional dedication to the exclusive osteopathy.